Nick Alexander

Media Director/Young Adults Pastor

Nickalis is originally from Memphis, TN but moved to Cleveland, TN his freshmen year of high school. Most of his family lives in the greater Memphis area. He is a graduate of Lee University with a degree in psychology.

Nick has been working within the media world for a little more than 10 years. He started out with doing church media as a high schooler learning the basics from people who were willing to invest in him early. These skills were refined and taken to greater heights when he went to Lee University in 2009 where he joined Campus Choir and joined the Lee University Tech Crew. While involved in these groups Nick was involved in a plethora of different events and travels which contributed to his learning of many different aspects of the technical world from a church and professional standpoint.

From Nick: “I am looking forward to this season of life. It is an amazing opportunity to learn and expand on my knowledge. I hope to join in with the mission of North Rome Church of God and bring us closer to fulfilling the vision of the house. I know this is a place to grow and seek God in new ways while connecting with people. I am just grateful for this amazing opportunity and cannot wait to see what the future holds for North Rome.”

Name one thing on your bucket list. Visit the Vatican and take a week to just explore soaking up all of the history.

What food do you crave, and what food do you detest? I crave any type of Asian cuisine, a good burger, or fried chicken with hot sauce. I detest most seafood.

Name somewhere in the world you would like to visit. I would like to go see the glaciers in Alaska, or I’d like to go to Antarctica.

If I am eating a candy bar, it’s probably a…Hershey’s Cookies and Crème.

If I have an evening free, I like to spend it…either watching a good movie or playing online video games with friends.

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